Bogdan Iwaniuk

Concept Artist

Plymouth, England

Since childhood, I have created art, wherever in my hands or in my head, it was a natural progression to move my art medium into a form of digital creation as I realized what opportunities arose to bring my visualizations to life.

Much of my work is based on grand fantastical landscapes, with a realistic approach to each image that always comes with the difficulty of accurately depicting the unseen, which never ceases to captivate me. With explorations into human nature and the world around us, my art stays within the domain of environmental beauty. My desire to create unique landscape settings necessitates paying close attention to diverse aspects of life and imagination, which I combine into one unified image.

My medium is digital 2D, with a strong focus on photo-bashing skills in Adobe Photoshop. They enable me to communicate and detail my visions in a precise manner. I also use 3D software like Maya and Unreal Engine to capture the essence of light and model qualities to fully introduce an audience to my creative vision of my uncharted territory worlds.

I occasionally approach design as a problem-solving exercise because it gives me a solid foundation on which to build a creative answer. This allows me to keep challenging myself and experience different things. Every piece of art I create is an iterative process in which I improve my skills while retaining a bright and driven attitude that motivates me to continuesly work for a respected gaming company, producing entertainment for millions to enjoy, just like I did as a youngster.


Digital Painting

Concept Art

Concept Design

Video Composition

Visual Effect Composition


Software Proficiency


Adobe After Effects


Unreal Engine

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Relevant Education

BA (Hons) Game Arts - Arts University Plymouth

Sep 2021 - July 2022

First-Class Honours

HND Creative Media (Visual Effects) - Weymouth College

Sep 2019 - July 2021


UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma - Weymouth College

Sep 2017 - July 2018